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Python Flask

I decided to learn flask for the purpose of implementing a RESTful API in Python. The two major choices seem to be Django and Flask. Flask is a lightweight option, which was more appealing to me for the flexibility that comes with that.

After doing the tutorial I do like it enough to try it out.

One thing I'm not liking from the tutorial is how a single function has to handle multiple methods (ie GET and POST), explicitly checking the request for which method is being used. It's hardly a deal-breaker.

I did briefly look at Flask-RESTful which addresses this by having each url map to a "resource" class which has methods that correspond to each HTTP method. So the class' "post()" method is mapped to a POST request. I think I prefer that, so I'll be looking at Flask-RESTful and its various forks (Flask-RESTplus, Flask-RESTx....and so on).

FYI: I'm currently most familiar with Java's Jersey framework for REST APIs.

BTW: Though Flask-RESTful's "resource" class is named the same as Jersey's "Resource" concept, I actually think vanilla Flask's Blueprint is closer.

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Intro to "Today I Learned" (TIL) Posts

This post is an announcement: I'm taking some time to work on some personal projects and learn some new things, and I plan on sharing some of that here. I'll be working on bothlarger projects and smaller "projectlets." Stay tuned

Server Upgrade Fail

A recent upgrade did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, and this site has been garbled for a good week. The fix was easy. FWIW, I'm considering switching to an off the shelf static site generator.


wallabag is an application for saving websites to read later - a 'read-it-later' service. The most famous one, right now, is Pocket. Wallabag is a free software alternative. You can self-host it or you can create a paid account at

My cursory impressions - I've only been using it for a few days - is that it's quite good. I find the interface very simple, the Firefox plugin is easy to use, and I like how the saved articles look. I might (risk) trying the kobo application soon.


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